The big gourmet dinner in the privacy of your own home.

Chef/owner of Laboca Andrew Harris has been cooking in Copenhagen for 20 years and has places like Kokkeriet, Nimb as well as being head chef at numerous Cofoco restaurants in his resume. As a private dining chef Andrew has over 50 events under his belt and has catered for numbers from 6 to 75, The key thing with our catering service is,… you don’t have to do a thing! We will bring all plates, cutlery, menus, and all our own neccesarry equipment, present an amazing 5 course dinner and then clean up as if we were never there, so that you can carry on with the festivities!

The menu

We always have our tasting menu available on the website and also an accompanning wine menu,… but we are open for discussion,… if there are any special requests, preferations,…. we arealways happy to alter our menu for you.

Menu 695,-
Vinmenu 295,-

Ceviche af torsk, salsa criollo, røget creme, mango, avocado og oxalis

Karamalaseret butternut, græskarkerner, karryolie, gulerodspuré og oregano

Svinekæber af sortfods spansk gris, søde kartofler og tyttebær

Argentinsk frilands ribeye, fennikel-løg kompot, kartoffel puré med trøffel og malbec sauce

Shortbread wafers, dulce de leche, chokolade cremeux og solbær

Time & place

We will be at your place 1 hour before you wish to have the first course served. We will use that time to set ourselves up, make your table ready with napkins, cutlery, wine glasses as well as a copy of the evenings menu.

Serve you

We will serve the dishes at your pace,… there is no rush, we are there to cater for you to ensure an unforgettable evening full of culinary delights.

Clean up

and say our goodbyes.

Intrested to know more?

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