In transition.

After living in Buenos Aires for a couple of years the idea about an Argentinean wine bar took root. In 2006 Patrick Mouritzen opened up Malbeck in Vesterbro with a partner as an Argentinean wine joint for the neighborhood and the next many years took us neck-deep into the world of wine. Since then new farming approaches, sustainability and organic consciousness has redefined the world of wine and taken us on a journey where Europe now plays as the major influencer on our wine list.

In 2016 Patrick took a three-year sabbatical from Malbeck. The time was spent in New York amongst some of the finest industry leaders. After a short time at Agern at Grand Central Station the work scene changed to Rouge Tomate in Chelsea which came to a halt when then beverage director Master Sommelier Pascaline Lepeltier left. Subsequently the last two years were spent working for Caleb Ganzer at the wine bar Companie des Vins Surnaturels in SoHo which was (and currently is) one of the city’s top destinations for wine.

Returning back to Copenhagen in the fall of 2019 changes quickly took place and less than a year later Patrick took over the wine bar at Istedgade. Currently Malbeck wine bar is in a transition period: we’ll stay open until the end of 2020 wherafter we will close and say goodbye to Malbeck. From there we’ll transition into a new bar, a new name and a new wine list that truefully reflect where we stand in the world of wine in 2021.